MxCee Trip to the west coast of America

We are going on the trip of a lifetime to see the heart of technological progress in many areas of computer science, artificial intelligence and countless others. The time has come again that Cover makes its way to the USA and this time we will embark on an adventure to see Silicon Valley; home to some of the greatest tech companies. On top of that we have a lot more in stock for the participants.

Travel Schedule

Click here for the flight details.

Please let us know if you travel with us from Groningen Central Station or that you join us 7:25 at Schiphol. Keep in mind there will be no public transport in Groningen at 4:45 (call a taxi for example).

November 21st: Groningen -> Los Angeles

  • 4:45 AM: Gather at Groningen Central Station
  • 4:50 AM: Find a nice place to sit in the train
  • 5:00 AM: Train leaves from Groningen
  • 7:25 AM: Arrive at Schiphol, meet the rest of the group
  • 7:30 AM: Checking in and other formal stuff
  • 9:50 AM: Plane takes off

December 13th/14th: Seattle -> Schiphol

  • 13:40: Plane lands at Schiphol

Alcatraz night tour booked!

Picture yourself in a dark solitary confinement cell, hear the stories of life inside from real prisoners, and feel the intensity of a prison breakout as told by correctional officers who lived and worked on the Island. Your tour begins as you leave the Landing and enjoy a guided tour around Alcatraz Island by ferry, pointing out the hidden spots used for attempted escapes, and prison structures unreachable by foot. To make it even more exciting, we will do the tour by night. Also, this will give us a stunning view of SF by night.

Important details

The train leaves at 5:00 AM from Groningen on the 21st. We will find a place to sit around 4:50 AM, so please be there on time. If you come to Schiphol directly be there at 7:25 AM. The plane takes off at 09:50 AM. We will return on the 14th of December, landing at 13:40.


If you ever need them you can find them here.

You can download the complete booklet with information here!

Los Angeles
  • November 21st - November 25th
  • Accommodation: Walk of Fame Hostel
  • Average temperature: 17℃
  • City tour
  • Theme park of your choice
  • Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving dinner
San Francisco
  • November 25th - December 4th
  • Accommodation: Amsterdam Hostel
  • Average temperature: 10℃
  • Adobe, Facebook, Google, NASA
  • Berkeley
  • City tour
  • Alcatraz night tour
  • City Pass for cultural activities
  • December 4th - December 9th
  • Accommodations: here, here, here and here
  • Average temperature: 7℃
  • A visit to Yosemite
  • Sinterklaas!
  • Wie is de mol?
  • Portland
  • December 9th - December 13th
  • Accommodation: HotelHotel
  • Average temperature: 5℃
  • Microsoft
  • City tour
This itinerary may be subject to change.

Packing list

Please pack as minimal as possible, to make the roadtrip as comfortable as possible. There will be possibilities to wash your clothes. More info about luggage here. Keep in mind you might need to keep your hand luggage on your lap during the roadtrip.

Before you leave
Make sure coming home doesn't suck
Tell your parents, girl- or boyfriend about the trip
Take care of plants, animals and roommates
Empty trash cans, fridge and freezer
Close windows
Enable 'outside of Europe' transactions for your debit card
Check your travel insurance and include extra costs for medical care
(Print baggage tags)
Real important
Drivers license (If driving)
Medicine passport - info
Creditcard, debit card, dollars
Health insurance card
All the basics for your (daily) needs.
Medicine if needed
Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower essentials, haircare, deodorant etc.
Shaving gear
Nail scissors
Make-up + remover
Glasses and Lenses (and case & fluid for them)
Travel sickness tablets
We love electronic devices, don't forget their chargers!
Phone + charger
Camera + charger
Laptop + charger
Ereader + charger
Portable gaming device + charger
Charged powerbank
Adapter for US power outlets
We will experience very different weather conditions.
(Waterproof) winter coat
Warm, comfortable shoes, shower slippers
Layering pieces
(Sexy) underwear
Swim suit (if you want to do watersports)
Rain wear
Vests / sweaters
Formal clothing
It's not all vacation!
A neat dress shirt or fancy top
Formal trousers, jeans in a good condition or an appropriate skirt
Nice shoes
Things that don't belong elsewhere.
Book(s) and/or magazine(s)
Games, cards, dices
Padlock for lockers in hostels
Pillow (for on the plane + 1 night during the roadtrip)
Chewing gum or similar for during the flight
Food for during the flight and things you can't buy there - info
One small sinterklaas present (~ 5 dollar) (Or buy it there)

Case partners

In the last few months the participants have been working on their cases. We as organisation were very happy to work together with our partners to realize short-term internships valuable for both the students as well as our partners.

Van Wijnen
Novus Videre


The Committee

We started in summer 2016 with the organisation of the trip of our life time (and possibly yours). During the trip we will hold your hand if you are feeling scared when entering Google HQ, wipe your tears of joy when you see the size of your plate, tell you bedtime stories when you are still hyped up due to the awesome day you had and maybe even tell you to go home if you are enjoying yourselves a bit too much at the bar. As a committee we like to start our meetings late, go out for dinner and be brave.


Merel Wiersma

Commander in Chief, Caring, Confident

Lisa Deckers

Secretary, Super Busy, Sweet, 'Sorry' Canadian

Annet Onnes

Prodigy of pennies, Producer, Panic Panda

Maureen van der Grinten

Vice-chair, Vivacious, Voyager

Marie-Claire Lankhorst

Giggly, Gregarious, Globetrotter

Sybren Römer

Fanboy, Founding Father, Fantabulous

Maikel Grobbe

Brave, Bald, Blabby, Barry