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MxCee: New Zealand

Last updated: April 16th, 15:19


  1. Train to Schiphol leaving from platform 4b. If you travel by your own means, please let us know.
  2. Meet at Schiphol
  3. to we fly from Amsterdam to Dubai (flight EK150) and from Dubai, via Melbourne, to Auckland (flight EK406)
  4. Auckland
    1. Check-in in Frienz Backpacker Hostel
    2. Nothing scheduled yet
    3. AUT University
    4. Nothing scheduled yet
    5. visit Rush Digital
  5. Northern Island (map)
    1. Checking out of our hostel and picking up the campers
      1. Arriving in Coromandel
      2. Leaving Coromandel
      3. Arriving in Tauranga
    2. Tauranga
      1. Leaving Tauranga
      2. Arriving in Rotorua
    3. Tongariro (Mt Doom)
      1. Leaving Rotorua
      2. Arriving Tongariro (Mt Doom)
    4. Wellington
      1. Arriving in Wellington
  6. Wellington
    1. Victoria University
    2. visit Sidhe / PikPok
    3. meeting with local startups through PledgeMe
  7. Southern Island (map)
      1. Boat to Picton on the Kaitaki (route)
      2. Traveling to Greymouth
      3. Arrival in Greymouth
    1. Harihari
      1. Leaving Greymouth
      2. Franz Joseph Glacier
      3. Leaving Franz Joseph Glacier
      4. Arrival Queenstown
    2. Queenstown
      1. Leaving Queenstown
      2. Arriving in Aoraki
    3. Christchurch
      1. Leaving Aoraki
      2. Arriving Tekapo
      3. Leaving Tekapo
      4. Arriving in Christchurch
  8. Christchurch
    1. Returning our motor homes, check-in in at YMCA Hostel
    2. visit Jade Software
    3. Nothing scheduled yet
    4. Nothing scheduled yet
  9. to we fly from Christchurch via Sydney and Bangkok to Dubai (flight EK419) and from Dubai to Amsterdam (flight EK147)

Pack list



Note that many items, even foods, are not allowed to be imported into New Zealand. Please check whether the stuff you bring is on the list of prohibited items.

On some other items, such as alcoholic beverages, you may need to pay extra duty if you take more than a certain limit. For beer and wine this is 4.5 liters, for other spirits it is three bottles of no more than 1.125ml. This of couse has to go into your check-in luggage since you cannot bring fluids with you on a plane.

Did we miss anything? Please let us know at and we will add it!


Do I need vaccinations?
No. You do not need any special vaccinations for New Zealand. However, if you are on medication, please note that you need a doctors prescription if you want to take your medication on board on the plane.
Do I need a visum for New Zealand or any of the transit airports?
No. See this PDF document for details and pay attention to the excemptions for New Zealand and the Travel without Visas sections for the transit airports.
How much baggage am I allowed to take with me?
You may take up to 30kg of checked-in baggage with you and one piece of cabin baggage that does not exceed 55cm × 38cm × 20cm and 7kg. (Note that exceeding the 30kg limit during our return trip will cost you an additional 99 NZD per kg 😓)


In what sort of places will we be staying?
In Auckland we will be staying in the Frienz Backpacker hosteland in Christchurch most likely at the Christchurch YMCA. In between we will have four six-person campers to travel and sleep in.
What sort of campers will we be staying in?
These Apollo Europe Deluxe motorhomes.


Does the MxCee provide travel insurance for the whole group?
No. You can ask Davey about the travel insurance we offer, but it will cost you extra. Do note that you really do need travel insurance.
Are the campers insured?
Yes, they are. We agreed with the assurance the rental company offers which offers pretty good terms.


When are the last two sprint reviews?
  1. Friday, March 6th (normal sprint review)
  2. Tuesday, April 7th (final presentations)
Are 100 hours of work enough?
That might not be the case. You cannot just stop working on your project and drop everything as soon as you have put 100 hours into it. The 100 hours is an indication of how much work your case would require to make a minimum viable product.
If, after 100 hours, your project needs just a bit more work to finish the case, we do expect this of you. If needed, this can be done after the trip. We also might choose to shuffle participants between cases if we notice that one case still needs a lot of work while an other is near completion. Of course we will discuss this with everyone involved.
If you and your group finishes the case in less than 100 hours, we expect you to start looking into possible additions together with Gerben to get to your 100 hours.
If I don't make 100 hours before 17th of April, can I still come?
If you think you cannot make the 100 hours or finish the case before the 17th of April, please contact your team leader or the MxCee.


For your convenience, you can find the terms.

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